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Ted Gioia Reassesses Michael Brecker's Tenor Legacy

In his blog The Honest Broker, respected musician, jazz critic and historian Ted Gioia argues that the music media still undervalues Michael's artistry, and he makes his case by using excerpts from my book "Ode to a Tenor Titan: The Life and Times and Music of Michael Brecker" (Backbeat Books). Written on the eve of the 15th anniversary of Michael's death on January 13, 2007, Gioia states in his piece entitled "How Michael Brecker Reinvented the Concept of Jazz Hero": "I hope the essay below raises Brecker’s reputation a notch among critics—although it’s safe to say that saxophonists have long known what a formidable presence he was on the horn."

On a reflective note, Gioia adds: "I’ve been guilty myself of undervaluing his contributions—maybe I simply took Michael Brecker for granted too long, or perhaps paid too much attention to the prevailing groupthink. So this essay is also a way of making personal amends."

Read it here:

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